NVAC produces 50 senior high school graduates
by Audrey Jane M. Deopante
The said event was graced by the following
speakers: Pastor Ramon G. Tugay, District
Pastor of West Albay, Consecration Service;
Pastor Gomer P. Roman, Baccalaureate Service;
District Pastor of South-Central Camarines
Sur; and Mrs. Lilbeth D. Casel, NPUC Human
Resource Director and Assistant Director for
Philanthropic and Advancement, Graduation
Pastor Tugay shared the three steps how to
give our best to God (3Hs) which are humility,
health and holiness that were based on Isaiah
55:1-2,7. Meanwhile, Pastor Roman pointed
out that one could give his best to God by self-
denial and forgetting what lies behind. “Giving
our best to God is the main objective of Jesus,”
he added. Then, Mrs. Casel left the graduates
with the quotation, “What you are is God’s gift
to you, what you become is your gift to God.” In
addition, she stated that we must be what God
expects us today - to be OPTIMUS.
The senior high school graduates pose with the Graduation Exercises speaker, Mrs. Lilibeth D. Casel (center), together with the administrators, faculty, staff, and
As part of the class’ gratitude to the school,
alumni representative.
they gave new stage curtains and
143 seat
Dressed in blue silk togas and caps, 50 senior high
Graduates were 28 from General Academic Strand
covers as their class gifts. Other highlights of
school students were confirmed graduates during the
13 from Humanities and Social Sciences
the occasion were the special Sabbath Services
2nd Senior High School Graduation last April 5-7
strand (HUMMS), and 9 from the Accountancy and
where the graduates initiated on leading and the
with the theme “Optimus”.
Business Management (ABM) strand.
Tribute to Parents and Teachers.
Gil, Felix win Airshed
Summit video making contest
by Dionne Nycole N. Data
Barkada Kontra Droga Representatives pose after receiving the certificate of recognition.
NVAC-BKD bags 1st runner-up
in song writing competition
Dionne Nycole N. Data with Frank Harvey Gil and Andrei N. Encinares receive the award
by Daff Jeszel R. Duran
Frank Harvey Gil, a grade 12 senior
prevent it.
Naga View Adventist College
Together with them were other
high school student and Earl Ivan G. Felix,
“Though we qualified into top 5 we were
representatives won 1st runner-
BKD officers and Ms. Arianne S.
NVAC Digital Production Head immerged
not expecting that we would be the first be-
up during the Barkada Kontra
victorious by winning first place in the video
cause other contestants were from presti-
Droga (BKD) songwriting contests
Themed “Sadiri, Padangaton,
making contest during the Department of
gious schools in Naga City,” Felix said.
last November 18, 2018 held at
Droga Sikwalon”, it aimed to
Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)
Their video was submitted on October
Plaza Quezon, Naga City.
inspire everyone to avoid using
Region V AirShed Summit 2018.
19, 2018. The said activity had elimination
Representatives who joined
drugs and other substances
Themed “Greening the Future: 10 Years
rounds from top 15, top 10 until top 5 were
of Enhancing Education for a Healthier En-
conducted at Pilgrims Hotel. Meanwhile, the
were Frank Harvey Gil, Rowel
and divert their attention to just
vironment and Safer Climate”, the video clip
awarding ceremony of the top 5 was held on
Lagos, Nelbryan Doropan, Micoh
amuse themselves to something
created was related to the theme which con-
November 15, 2018 at SM Event Center in
James Pacheco, Louise Jay
else through
“other kinds of
tained more about air pollution and how to
Naga City.
Abanto, Iven Ian Adante, Clarence
Jay Guevarra and Ian Mendoza.
November 2018 - April 2019
November 2018 - April 2019
Volume III Number 2
Audrey Jane M. Deopante
Johann Kim B. Masbate
Associate Editor
John Audbrein M. Deopante
Kei Leslie V. Mediarito
Managing Editors
Jelome Gem L. Tuñacao
Circulation Officer
Daff Jeszel R. Duran
Rodgene Paul M. Mondelo
Beyond Best
News Editors
Sigrid Tracy Duran
With the world’s population of more than 7 billion, could it be possible
Kezia Eve T. Imperio
that just a single person be the best? The answer to this question depends
Feature Editors
on one’s definition of the word “best”. However, there is a very common
Jane Nicolle P. Tanay
line “nobody is this world is perfect.”
Fredd Paulo M. Villa
Literary Editors
The political candidates on local and national elections well executed
the fact that through pleasing their fellowmen, one could be the best. They
Isaiah Frandell Sam G. Mari
used different campaign techniques: advertisements ran the televisions
Geri Lou G. Cortez
Layout Editors
through irritating songs and talks of the candidates themselves, money was
made sure to be given to their loyal supporters in big amounts, and others
Hemerlee Gem P. Obado
even made promises and statements to prove. While some politicians
Deosyl A. Galdo
Filipino Editors
are good at entertaining, others put their talents in being generous or in
gaining the countrymen’s trust. Each has different potentials and reasons
Jester Karl C. Tiosan
Dionne Nycole N. Data
why they should be on the positions that they aim to be in. And whoever
the current leaders are, they have done it with the thought that they were
right for it, that they are the ones best fitted for it.
Kyla Shayne A. Rivera
Jayrell Jann Claire M. Nantes
At this age, competition takes this world and spins it all around. Forces
Filipino Editors
against forces, everything clashes while aiming for whatever highest,
Joan B. Fernandez
biggest or grandest each could ever have. Everyone would want to be the
Jobelyn R. Cortez
best. Would anyone want to be called as second best or third best or just
good when they could have made it as best?
When people fail to achieve what they are eager to, they tend to regret
things and would exclaim that if only they had done better, they would
be at the very peak, forgetting that it is not being the best that matters
most. If a single best living creature is present in this world, the possibility
would be at zero. Best things are intangible, ones that might not be but
for the second thought, it could be. Example, pals who call each other as
“best friends” are not even the perfect people to see, it is their memories
Audrey Jane M. Deopante
and moments together that make them the best for each other. It is the
Daff Jeszel R. Duran
wellness of life through unselfishness, the open hearts of forgiving others,
Deosyl A. Galdo
and mostly, the manner of always doing what you know that is right in
Jemima L. Gascon
God’s sight.
Isaiah Frandell Sam G. Mari
No matter how close perfection is, there will always be Someone who
Kei Leslie V. Mediarito
is beyond the best. People will never stop pleasing their own kind, but it is
Jelome Gem L. Tuñacao
never the way, instead, it is a threat to the development of humanity. Ellen
Thank you for being a part of
G. White writes, “The greatest want of the world is the want of men -- men
NagaViewer-Academy! May
who will not be bought or sold, men who in their inmost souls are true
and honest, men who do not fear to call sin by its right name, men whose
you continually serve God in
conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole, men who will stand
His purpose.
for the right though the heavens fall.” (Ed. 57.3)
November 2018 - April 2019
and Ms. Clandestine Joy E. Tugay;
Senior high school
Prince and Princess of the Night, Mr.
Pathfinders join
Mandy O. Viscaya and Ms. Beaufil C.
holds banquet
Lopez; Ideal Partner, Mr. Clarence
by Johann Kim B. Masbate
Jay A. Guevarra and Ms. Ebony
NPUC-wide Camporee
To apply and observe proper
Dawn Gonzales; Ideal Grade 12, Mr.
by Rodgene Paul M. Mondelo
etiquette, the senior high school
Isaiah Frandell Sam G. Mari and Ms.
banquet was conducted on March 3
Kei Leslie V. Mediarito; Ideal Grade
at the College Auditorium with the
11, Mr. Johann Kim B. Masbate
theme “A Touch of Class”.
and Ms. Rowela M. Santias; Mr. and
The night’s highlights were
Ms. Congeniality, Mr. Nelbryan A.
the inspirational message from
Doropan and Ms. Trixie Marianne
Pastor and Dr. Allen Bano, musical
P. Ceniza; Lucky Grade
12, Mr.
renditions, games, reading of the
Mishael S. Cortez; and Lucky Grade
class will and testament of grade 12
11, Ms. Kate Ericka Mae B. Bolano.
students to grade 11 students, and
This event was organized by the
the awarding.
grade 11 class with their adviser,
Before the night ended, several
Ms. Melody P. Saballero. It was
attendees were awarded. They were
graced with the attendance of the
as follows: King and Queen of the
administrators and academy faculty
Night, Mr. Manolito A. Maghirang III
and staff.
NVAC Pathfinder officers march during the opening ceremony of the NPUC-wide Camporee.
Naga View Adventist College
follows: Explorers: Fire Building,
Pathfinder Club participated in
Stars and Sign Language; Rangers:
the NPUC-Wide Academy Based
prayer, Kanzashi and puppetry;
Week of Prayer held
Pathfinder Camporee last February
Voyagers: braiding, camp craft and
by Kezia Eve T. Imperio
2019 at the Adventist
lashing; Guide: physical fitness,
Naga View Adventist College
University of the Philippines with
environmental conservation and
conducted its 10 Days of Prayer
the theme
“Pathfinder STRONG”
wilderness living; Additional honors
and Student Week of Devotion
(Spiritual, Temperate, Reverent,
and skills for voyagers and guide
with the theme
“With God all
Obedient, Nurtured and Godly).
were ADRA Community Service,
things are possible” held at the
It was participated in by 21
Disaster response and hunger relief.
College Auditorium last February
NVAC Pathfinder Club was
20-March 2.
under NPUC. They were as follows:
recognized for their Band Exhibition;
10 Days of Prayer which is a
Fancy Drill Presentation; Grade 11
General Conference program
Marinduque, PAA, NLAC, BAA, OMI,
and 12 counselors who helped in
began in February 20 which was
preparing the obstacle course.
held every 4:00 in the afternoon
MG Pastor Fiel Adams M.
having faculty and student
and PMA. Among the 1, 920 youth
Babida, Archives Specialist for the
speakers which followed a united
delegates, 179 Pathfinders, Master
Canadian Union Conference of the
prayer. Alongside with this was
Guides and 12 teachers from Naga
SDA Church, was the guest speaker
the Student Week of Prayer with
View Adventist College Pathfinder
during the three-night devotional. In
Pastor Martin Kim as the speaker.
Club registered to join the camporee.
one of his messages he stated, “The
It started on February 25 and held
Pastor Martin Kim speaks during the week of Prayer
The said camping aimed to
things we need in order for us to be
every morning at 9 in the morning.
in which anybody could write his/her
provide an activity in which both
Strong is to have Power, Exercise and
His topics were: To Know and
reflections and thanksgiving every
leaders and Pathfinders can enjoy
Concentrate in life”. Meanwhile, MG
Believe, From the Inside Out, The
day during the days of prayer. A
warm fellowship, to enhance the
Pastor Jobbie D. Yabut, SSD Youth
Value of Surrender, The Privilege
prayer room was also founded where
leadership, outdoor knowledge, and
Director, delivered the message
of Partnership, The Greatest
the united prayer and individual
skills of pathfinders by participating
during the Divine and Commitment
Battle, The Gift of Repentance,
prayers were uttered. The Share-It
in the scheduled camporee activities;
Service wherein he emphasized the
The Glory of the Purpose, Through
Ministry group participated too by
to help pathfinders feel the nearness
camporee Bible key text in Joshua
the Valleys, A Strength Greater
sharing good apps, movies, music,
and love of God through nature,
1:9, “Have not I commanded thee?
than Doubt, and Let Go of the
pdfs, and videos. They also sold
friendship, prayers and service.
Be strong and of a good courage; be
Thorns. And the Student Week
shirts, hand sanitizers, and button
Performances during the camporee
not afraid, neither be thou dismayed:
of Devotion has the following
pins where the income was put to the
were Biblical musical presentations,
for the Lord thy God is with thee
themes: Revival and Reformation,
church building fund.
whithersoever thou goest.”
Preparing for Rain, How to Ruin
The culminating activity of the event
drill and band exhibition. While
Six NVAC pathfinders were
Your Life by
40, Mind Cure, A
was a prayer marathon participated
the camp activities included the
baptized after the commitment
Deeper, More Intimate, More
by the school administrators, faculty
honors and skills which were as
Powerful Experience with Jesus.
and staff, and students until the
All throughout the week,
midnight of March 2, 2019.
bookmarks, and stickers were
Pastor Kim came with his wife,
Booklovers facilitate Book Week
by Glenzale C. Celino
given to students for motivation
Liyana, both came from Korea.
and a “faithbook” wall was made
With the theme
Actions, Collective Visions: Libraries
Transforming Society”, the Book
were John Audbrein M. Deopante (grade 10) - Impromptu Speech; Audrey
Week was held on November 26-
Jane M. Deopante and Elaine V. Ogmar (grade 12) - Poem Writing, Jelome
30, 2018 at the College Auditorium
Gem L. Tuñacao (grade 12) - daily quiz; and grade 11 students - Book
with the following activities: Logo
Hunt. Awards were also given to Ricah Jane Alfred V. Gatongay, Ivory Dawn
Quiz; Impromptu Speech Contest,
Gonzales, Jamin C. Sabanal, and Deosyl A. Galdo who have the Top Log as
Poem Writing, and Poster Making
Library Users.
Contest, Book Hunt and a daily quiz.
The Booklovers officers together with Ms. Glaidel Ross G. Franche and
Winners on the said contests Ms. Nora O. Catimbang as the sponsors of the club, made this event possible.
John Audbrein M. Deopante, a grade 10 student,
gives his idea on the importance of the library.
November 2018 - April 2019
Inextricable is 23rd
Student body
Intramurals’ theme
by Isaiah Frandell Sam G. Mari
elected ASA officers
by Hemerlee Gem Obado
With the theme “Inextricable”
2nd runner up and Clarence
(impossible to be separated),
Jay A. Guevarra,
3rd runner
Auditorium. The newly elected
Naga View Adventist College
up. The second night event was
Academy Student Council
celebrated the 23rd Intramurals
the cultural presentation where
Officers were as follows:
last January 27-31, 2019.
Grade 9 and Grade 12 were
John Audbrein M. Deopante,
Six teams from academy
declared as the champion where
President; Nelson C. Mentok,
participated, namely: Grade
both received 1500 cash prize.
Vice President; Glenzale C.
7 (Acemi), Grade 8 (NFNTY),
The Eco Fashion show was
Celino, Secretary; Jester Karl
(Empeiros), Grade
the third night event where
C. Tiosan, Treasurer; Rodgene
(Olympians), Grade
the teams’ muses and escorts
Paul V. Mondelo, Auditor;
(Dynasty) and Grade
showcased their outfits made
Shimei N. Brofas, Business
(Seniors). Academy was divided
with recycled and indigenous
Manager; Alexis Denverwyn
into two categories, Grades 7-9
materials. The winners were
L. Burce, Public Information
and Grades 10-12.
Ahljemar Patrick A. Espinosa
The new set of Academy Student
Officer; and Ramon E. Tugay II,
The event commenced
and Jeiahly Fae R. Corporal
Association (ASA) officers for the
with a parade from the NVAC
8); Micoh James M.
S/Y 2019-2020 was elected last
An inspiring message was
campus to the barangay site
Pacheco and Daff Jeszel R.
March 15.
said by the Naga City Vice
back to the campus. The
Duran (Grade 12) on the second
Two parties ran for the different
Mayor, Hon. Nelson Legacion.
opening ceremony’s speaker
category received
1000 cash
positions namely, LIT (Leaders ,
He shared his laddering stages
was Mr. Earl Ivan G. Felix, the
Innovate, Transparency) Partylist
in life to success as a simple,
ASC adviser, who challenged
The fourth nightly highlight
and DPAC-K
(Dedicated to
reserved man turned into
everyone with the statement,
was the Minute-to-Win-It:
Plan, Act and Care - Kingsmen)
becoming an outstanding
“Give your perfect effort”. The
The Last Man Standing. Two
leader which, he used to
official launching was conducted
from each
Winners were declared on that
encourage the new leaders of
in front of the old administration
participating team battled on
same day and were inducted last
the age.
building together with the
the elimination scale to become
March 18, 2019 at the College
lighting of the torch and flag
the last man standing. The
Grade 12 representative Janice
Activities held were ball
F. Barotil won the final challenge
Academy studes
games such as basketball,
and bagged a 500-peso cash
volleyball, kickball, softball,
participate in English Week
sepak takraw, badminton, table
The intrams was ended with
by Jester Karl C. Tiosan
tennis; patintero, laro ng lahi
Dr. Lloyd Owen Pastrana as
(sack race, agawan ng buko,
the guest speaker during the
palo sebo, pukpok palayok),
closing ceremony. He taught
track and field events such as
the students about the three
100 m run,
attitudes we must be aware of
m run, 400 m relay, standing
in order to build teamwork, (1)
long jump, high jump, shot put,
I can do anything, (2) I can’t do
javelin throw.
everything and (3) I can’t do it
The first of nightly events
was Campus Voice: The Final
After presenting the ranking
Showdown where Justine
and results of the games and
Hilongo was declared the
events, on the Juniors division,
Campus Voice Grand champion
the Grade
9 and
12 was
with “All I ask” by Adele as her
proclaimed as champion; Grade
wining piece. After her were
8 and 11, 1st runner-up, and
Ebony Dawn Gonzales,
Grade 7 and 10, 2nd runner-up.
Grade 10 students interpret the literary piece “Rain” through a Jazz Chant.
runner-up, Hadasha G. Timbal,
Themed: “Enhancing the 21st
Jazz Chant: Grade
century English Macro Skills”,
(2nd), and Grade
English week was held last January
(3rd); Spelling Bee Junior
2019. Culminated on
High Category: Fredd Paulo M.
November 16, 2018.
January 18, each class showed off
Villa(1st), Lyndelle Sharen A.
458 jackfruit
It was participated in by NVAC
pupils, students, faculty, staff, and
their talents through oral group
Binnoc(2nd), and John Audbrein
administrators, Naga City officials,
M. Deopante(3rd); Spelling Bee
and barangay officials.
Grades 7, 8, and 9 contended
Senior High Category: Jelome
During the short program before
in the speech choir contest with
Gem L. Tunacao (1st), Johann
planting, Hon. City Councilor
by Kei Leslie V. Mediarito
their piece “Invictus” while grades
Kim B. Masbate (2nd), and Rowela
Salvador del Castillo, environment
10, 11, and 12 performed a jazz
M. Santias (3rd); Poem Writing:
Four hundred fifty-eight
committee chairman, emphasized
(458) jackfruit seedlings were
the importance of having trees in
chant with their piece “Rain”.
John Audbrein M. Deopante
planted during the tree planting
a community. Moreover, Legacion
Prior to the culmination of
(1st), Johann Kim B. Masbate
sponsored by Hon. Vice-Mayor
enumerated ways how to take
the said activity were writing
(2nd), Jemima L. Gascon (3rd);
Nelson Legacion held at Naga
good care and how to plant the
and spelling contests. Winners
and Essay Writing: Kei Leslie V.
View Adventist College farm on
said trees.
who were awarded during the
(1st), Johann Kim B.
culminating activity were: Speech
Masbate (2nd), and Sigrid Tracy
Choir Contest: Grade
Duran (3rd).
Grade 8 (2nd), Grade 7 (3rd);
November 2018 - April 2019
Student leaders attend youth
NVAC gives 417 gifts
by Jelome Gem L. Tuñacao
sector consultation workshop
by Jane Nicolle P. Tanay
Isaiah Frandell Sam G. Mari,
where he emphasized that the
Nelbryan A. Doropan, Jemima
government of Naga City is not
L. Gascon, John Audbrein M.
only aiming to be drug free, but
Deopante, Kyla Shane A. Rivera
also to be a drug resistant city.
together with Ms. Arianne
Mr. Noel Trinidad, a
Alvarez attended the Youth
provincial officer of Philippine
Sector Consultation-Workshop
Drug Enforcement Agency of
last January 21, 2019 at the
Camarines Sur, talked about
Robertson’s Hotel, J. Miranda
Drugs program
Avenue, Naga City.
of National Government. He
Inclined with the consultation-
said that they conducted a
workshop was an introduction
barangay drug cleansing which
Grade 11 students distribute the gifts to MRES grade 6 pupils.
for Development and Integration
aims to address problem for
To lift the spirit of Christmas,
follows: elementary pupils and
of a Localized, Values-Based,
users and Sagip Batang Solvent
Naga View Adventist College
BEEd students PES (71); Grade
and Holistic Anti-Illegal Drug
that aims to rescue and relief
shared 417 gifts to the grade
7 students, mathematics and
Abuse Curriculum for the
for a community to become
6 pupils of selected schools in
English major students
High School Level in Naga
productive. After the reports,
Naga City during the Gift Giving
(131); Grade 8, Grade 9 and
activity held last December 13,
Theology students TMES (41);
City. Mr. Jose B. Importante,
a workshop was spearheaded
Grade 10, MAPEH majors and
the Executive Director for the
by Ms. Hazel Sumpay of the
The beneficiary elementary
Agri Business students NCCH
Naga City Dangerous Drugs
Department of Education of
schools were the following:
(31); and Senior High School and
Board, reported the Naga
Panicuason Elementary School
Filipino major students MRES
City anti-illegal drug situation
Carolina Elementary
School (CES), Teodora Moscoso
Programs with singing and
Elementary School
games were simultaneously held
Morada Ramos Elementary
in each school which started at
38 completes JHS
School (MRES), and Naga City
1:30 in the afternoon. Together
by John Audbrein M. Deopante
Children’s Home (NCCH).
with the students were their
The students assigned to
advisers and some faculty.
the recipient schools and the
number of gifts given were as
4 school representatives
participate in MNWD
environmental camp
by John Audbrein M. Deopante
Three junior high school
Sabareza, Engineering Assistant
of EMB-PEMU Cam. Sur.
Nycole N. Data, John Audbrein
Christopher Jhun S. Zantua, Sr.
M. Deopante and Jester
Environmental Mgt. Specialist,
Karl C. Tiosan attended the
Head of City ENRO, gave an
Metropolitan Naga Watershed
update on City Environment
Melvin Roy D. Garbida, an alumnus, gave the inspirational message
District (MNWD) Environmental
and Natural Resources Office
Camp on November
Thirty-eight grade
stated these words,
2018 at Naga City Ecology Park,
Specific topics such as
administrators, faculty and
located at San Felipe, Naga City.
the Balik Kalikasan Program
junior high school which
staff are proud of you because
With the theme “Developing
and Water Santitation and
culminated on April
7 during
you keep on advancing and
and Molding Junior Watershed
Hygiene were led by Evita J.
the 4th Completion Rites and
are always trying to do your
Managers”, the said activity
Tuazon, Chairman of the Board
Recognition Ceremony.
best. Walk ahead for a closer
purposed to bring awareness to
of Trustees, Tabang Bikol
Melvin Roy D. Garbida, an
realization of your dreams. Soar
the youth regarding their vision.
Movement Inc. and Maide D.
alumnus, gave the inspirational
The camp included
Sison, Community Relations
message which focused on the
On this event, achievers
orientations, updates, seminars,
Officer A, OIC, head of Publlic
“Deo Favente”
from grades 7 to 11. were also
outdoor workshops, and games.
Relations and External Affairs
God’s Favor). He expounded the
recognized together with their
During the first part of the
theme by sharing his successful
program high officials graced
The said event was also
career and highlighting the
“Our batch is irreplaceable.
the event by welcoming all
graced by Virgilio B. Luansing
NVAC is lucky to have us,”
participants and attendees.
I, General Manager A, Jorge T.
stated by Jtvohn Audbrein M.
Pedro B. Prima Jr. the
Palma, Chairman of the Board
In welcoming them to the
Deopante, the class president,
forestry Assistant B, EWRD
and Hon. Nelson S. Legacion,
Senior High, Mrs. Karen P.
in his farewell address.
oriented the participants on
City Vice-Mayor.
Bajo, the academy principal,
MNWD Watershed Management
The NVAC representatives
Program. An update on
with their sponsor, Ms. Emijane
Provincial Environmental Mgt.
Y. Patricio were recognized for
(PEMU) Programs was
coming early to the camp.
presented by Kristina Marie G.
November 2018 - April 2019
The Striving
by John Audbrein M. Deopante
Oh you vast world of connections, mocking all illiterate men.
I, the youth desperately asks, for favour, power. Hear my cries.
Oh you hash tick-tocks of today, demanding legends to hasten
I, the youth, I plead in prostrate: fullness of life and second tries.
Then the world shook and screamed, he said: “Fool, speak your mind, do not cower.
Stand on my hills, go, be heard! When men listen, you have power.”
Without a glance, time paused and spoke. “Child, make asset the things of now,
Your emotions may fade and die, but when written, immortal bow.”
Then I, the youth was left alone, with storms of thoughts that overwhelmed.
Complacency had been my cage, oh I deserve to be condemned.
In this sea of impaired judgement, it is not enough if I “just can”.
Branches may be hope for drowning flesh, but drowning souls crave for a pen.
My Life
by Daff Jeszel R. Duran
The sun is still and so the life I boast
I received pain, yet heart’s thriving along
Destiny’s been better since it kissed the coast.
Family and friends endowed fate a boost
Circumstances, troubles, made my standing long
The sun is still and so the life I boast.
by Keziah Lynn O. Garbida
Come, hear me, let me give you a big toast!
Take charge of what you will do today
I am rich, I am loved, and own a throng
Because it can change the world someday
Destiny’s been better since it kissed the coast.
Do care for our world everyday
So that our beautiful world will stay.
Love is my home, my pillar, and my host
The world is in a great danger
Cherished not a moment, but for eternity long
Because of the irresponsible acts of people
The sun is still and so the life I boast.
The world will blow like it is full of anger
The people will be like ants swept by a ripple.
In split second, I thought “good” was the “most”
Then I realized “best” is the “bong”
Corruption, poverty, world peace, pollution,
All of these problems need solution.
Destiny’s been better since it kissed the coast.
We must take care of this for the next generation
So that our world will not lead to destruction.
I am grateful I met myself out in lost,
Made my life graceful like a stupendous song,
The sun is still and so the life I boast,
Destiny’s been better since it kissed the coast.
November 2018 - April 2019
Remember Not
Expectations will
by Sigrid Tracy Duran
only be Delusions
Shimmering coins and crispy bills;
by Kyla Shayne A. Rivera
What if you have a million of these?
Expectations will only be delusions
Buy a house or an expensive little hat,
if you don’t put your meekness to portions.
You can buy anything with a million of that.
It’s not always a good expectation,
If you put yourself in a higher position.
You can buy the most ultra-expensive car,
Though you may be rich or may be poor,
Expectations don’t always come to your door
One that shines like the brightest star.
But they always be swept up from the floor.
Or buy the most luxurious dress,
Expectations should be carried carefully to the core.
Looking like the most beautiful princess.
If making your life blissful blindeth your way,
It’s better to lose fortune, to make you stay.
But things like these we have to learn,
I’m not showing this cruelly, I say
A tint of humbleness, I may?
Tat money is not what we must yearn
For the root of all evil is money,
Faithfulness has been lost because of greed,
What about losing your good deeds?
Yields insanity, greed, rage, and envy.
If you’re just losing it by feeding it to greed,
It’s better off gone, than taking heed.
For money can control our minds;
Who would’ve thought, that reality can cause great demise?
Give phantasms of all kinds,
If our crazy antics, have been paid with a great price?
Delusions that may seem real,
Lo and behold, the result of the dice,
Our expectations have given us such major lies.
And hopeless dreams that we can’t win.
Expectations and reality have a big gap
One from another, hop a great lap.
Remember God for He gives true blessings,
Not like a smartphone, ready in one tap,
More than a billion bells that’s ringing.
Expectations aren’t something you can easily grab.
Tink of God for He’s the root of all good,
Here’s my last statement, as my conclusion,
Yields happiness and joy more than money could.
Reality is not magic, it’s no potion.
Always remember this final notion,
Expectations will only be delusions.
by Sam
I have
The struggle
(An etheree)
Between your
There’s a time for everything like seasons,
Sadness and sickness,
A season that you can feel unloved
Tears fall down from heaven.
And a season that you feel loved,
Every drop causes pain and sorrow,
Like a storm in the ocean
The fresh happy memories of us in the picture.
That will calm overtime.
Just keep believing,
Unforgettable and valuable are these memories,
Seasons are true
Yet a teardrop falls from my eyes of me thinking that
Live with it,
Teardrops don’t come only for sadness and sorrows nor
So do
Sickness but also in times of happiness and sweetness.
The yes that let the teardrop falls unite with the lips,
With a smile in the face thinking of you getting well
Seeing you happy makes me happy and
Teardrop falls again.
Speak your mind...
Share what you know
Tat is how you achieve your goal.
Mr. Glenn C. Mencera and Dr. Renato A. Gavino,
NVAC BKD actively participates in BKD activities.
the special guests during the College Day
(From lef) Daff Jeszel R. Duran and Micoh James M. Pacheco, Alhjemar Patrick A. Espinosa
Te Campus Voice 2019 Grand
and Jeiahly Fae R. Corporal were the winners during the Intramurals’ Eco-Fashion Show.
Champion, Justine Ann Hilongo
Isaiah Frandell Sam G. Mari,
In some cases, boys do it better.
Class President of the Grade 12, gives
his address during the graduates’
A magical night with the royalties...
Fun is never missing in
nights for socials...
Mary and Joseph sing during the
thanksgiving program.
Pathfinders and masterguides were invested.
Young believers willingly serve the church in different simple ways!
Engr. Frias instructs to duck, cover, and hold when an earthquake strikes… then, do the head count.
Brgy. Cpt. Ramos gladly congratulates the
Hon. Nelson Legacion inspires the newly
Grade 12 for the accomplishment of their Work
Happy pathfinders enjoy the activity
elected CASC Officers of S/Y 2019-2020.
Immersion in Panicuason Brgy. Hall.
under the heating sun.
Sir Ivan demonstrates
Tis is how NVAC students are uniquely
a pathfinder skill.
trained —through bayanihan.
November 2018 - April 2019
Filipino Section
Doon sa Munti at Maralitang Bayan
ni Sarah Tamyra P. Lualhati
Lumapit sa akin ang aking mga
niya nagagawang ngumiti sa akin
Mayroon ding nagsasadula ng awit.
kaibigan. Peke. Yung mga ngiti nila,
gayong hindi naman kami magkakilala.
Nagpatuloy ito, “Nagsayaw ang pilay,
peke. Yung pakikitungo nila, peke. Yung
Dumating kami sa isang lugar
nanood ang bulag, nakinig ang bingi,
pag-aaruga, yung pagiging sinsero,
kung saan nakatambak ang gabundok
umawit ang pipi.”
peke. Oo, kaibigan ko sila subalit kapag
na mga basura. Bata man o matanda,
Ang saya ng lahat. Maririnig
nagkakaproblema akala mo sasakyang
makikita mong naghahalukay sa basura
mo ang halakhakan habang isinasadula
umaarangkada. Kung makalayo sila
na tila may hinahanap. Ngunit kapag
ang awit. Tawa rin sila ng tawa ganoon
akala mo may nakahahawa kang sakit.
kami’y napapadaan, ngiti ang iyong
din ako.
Pinapupunta nila ako sa isang
Nang matapos na ito, bumalik
lugar subalit mukhang ako’y naliligaw.
Inaya na niya ako ng umalis
na ang mga tao sa kanilang gawain.
Tinatawagan ko sila subalit lahat sila
ngunit ako’y tumanggi.
Inihatid na ako ng “lalaking ngumiti”.
ay may mga palusot na hindi nila ako
Gusto ko munang manatili
Nang ako’y makauwi, ako’y
masusundo. Ang masaklap ay walang
kahit sandali. Malaking bagay ang
sasakyang dumadaan.
kanilang ngiti para sa akin. Maya-
Sa kabila ng kahirapan, sa
Umupo na ako sa tabi ng
maya’y may bumatingting. Nang narinig
kabila ng pagod, sa kabila ng kawalan,
eskinita. Maya-maya’y may lumapit
ito, nagsitigil ang lahat sa kanilang
sa kabila ng kanilang masaklap na
sa akin. Nakasuot siya ng marumi at
ginagawa. Iniwan nila ang kanilang
tadhana, maririnig ang ingay ng
sira-sirang damit. Ngumiti siya, isang
ginagawa at nagkumpulan sa isang tabi.
tawanan. Ang kasiyahan na tila wala
malawak at sinsero ngiti. Tinanong niya
Iginiya niya ako paparoon sa
silang problemang kailangan malutasan.
kung bakit ako naroroon. Sinabi ko
mga tao. May nagsimulang umawit,
Silay’ may mga totoong ngiti. Naroon
naman sa kanya ang aking sitwasyon.
“Doon po sa amin ay may maralitang
ang katuwaan sa buhay at mga kaibigang
Inaya niya akong pumunta sa kanila
bayan. May nagkatuwaan apat na
karamay sa kahirapan.
dahil siya umano’y may dadalhin
Doon sa munti at maralitang
pa. Kahit may kaba, ako’y sumama.
Sa kanyang pag-awit ay
Gustong kong malaman, kung paano
nagsisabay ang mga nakapanood.
ni DG
Unang taon ko noon sa
ng kulay ko. At marahil karamihan sa
aral ko ay hindi na lamang liptint ang
Grade 11, naaalala ko pa kung paano
mga babae ay sumasang-ayon dito. Pero
ginagamit sa halip ay nadagdagan pa
ako tawagin ng isa kong kaibigan.
minsan ba sumagi sa isip natin, “Bakit
ang kanilang kaalaman tungkol sa mga
“Uy, ate girl! Ang putla mo naman.”
kailangang pang mag liptint?”
cosmetic products. At ako? Ayun napag-
Sa sobrang pagkabigla hindi ako
saan? Anong okasyon? Para kanino?”
iwanan sa paggamit ng liptint at
nakapagsalita bagkus nabaling ang
Panigurado karamihan sa mga
kalaunan hindi ko na rin kinahiligang
aking atensyon sa isang kulay pulang
kababaihan sasabihin,
“Wala lang.
gumamit ng liptint. Sa puntong iyon
bagay sa kaniyang kamay. Sa akin ay
Para blooming at hindi maputlang
may ilang bagay akong napagtanto,
kaniya itong inilahad at nang akin
tingnan.” Iyan ang mga kategoryang
may liptint ka man o wala - maganda
na itong aabutin saka ko lamang
lubos na tumatak sa aking isipan ng
ka, maganda ako, maganda tayo! Sa
napagtanto na isa pala itong liptint.
mga panahong iyon mula sa aking mga
iba’t-ibang pamamaraan nga lamang.
Simula ng araw na iyon
kaklase at kaibigan na hanggang ngayon
Kung sa paraan ng pag-aayos
natutunan ko nang mag-ayos ng
ay nagbibigay palaisipan sa akin, na
ng sarili sa tulong ng liptint, doon mo
aking sarili. Walang araw na hindi
kailangan ba talagang magkilay at mag
nakikita ang iyong sarili, gawin mo.
ko kinailangang bumisita ng CR at
liptint para masabing blooming ang
At kung hindi naman huwag mong
tumingin sa salamin upang tingnan ang
isang babae? Paano naman iyong mga
ipilit. Sapagkat kung gagawa ka ng
aking sarili kung mayroon pa bang tinta
babaeng hindi hilig ang ganitong bagay,
isang bagay, gawin mo ito hindi dahil
ng liptint ang aking labi. Natutunan
manang na ba talaga ang tawag sa kanila?
iyon ang uso, kundi iyon ang gusto
ko na ring alamin ang mga kulay na
Hanggang sa tumungtong ako
mo at higit sa lahat alam mong may
babagay sa akin , ‘yun bang ka shade ng Grade 12 karamihan sa mga kamag- magandang maidudulot
‘yun sa’yo.
November 2018 - April 2019
Filipino Section
Pagmamahal sa Magulang
Ikaw na nagpatibay
by Earl Kirbey Ocampina
Sa napagod na buhay
Kayo ang dahilan ng aking hininga
Palaging nakaakbay
Ako ay hinubog sa inyong kalinga
Sa t’wing nalulupaypay.
Pag ibig na wagas, totoo’t dakila
Ang siyang nagbigay ng lakas ko’t sigla.
Hinubog n’yo aking damdamin at diwa
Sa may dakong silangan
Kasama ko kayo sa ngiti ko’t luha
Doon ako isinilang
Sa aking pagtulog sa gabing madilim
Magagandang nilalang
Nagbabantay kayo sa aking paghimbing.
Ika’y di maiilang.
Ayaw na ang lamok ay dumapo sa’kin
Pati na ang lamig, pilit na papawiin
At kung ako ma’y tuluyang magising
Kasabay nang pagdilim,
Nakangiti kayong babati sa akin.
Lungkot ay lumalalim.
Liwanag, nililihim,
‘Di naging madali ang sakripisyo n’yo
Simula nang ako’y maging isang tao
Tinatago ng lilim.
Kaya naman ako’y may pangako
Pangaral at hiling n’yo ay susundin ko.
Aking ama’t ina, salamat sa gabay
Utang na loob ko aking buong buhay
Kasama sa paglakbay
‘Di man kasing galing ni gat Jose Rizal,
Paa’y pinatitibay
Magsisikap ako para sa parangal.
Palaging nasa bahay
Sa daan ay gabay.
ni Rach
Ako'y inalagaan mula pagkabata
Kadilima’y naglaho,
Ginabayan nang mamulat ang mata
Dinisiplina nang ako'y magkasala
Liwanag lumalapit,
Pinatahan nang ako'y lumuluha.
Bagong araw darating.
Ikaw, sya, kayo ang aking mahal
Gagawin lahat upang kaligayahan ay makamtan
Walang pagsubok ang s'yang magbubuwal
Kaibigan kong tunay
Sa matatag at mayabong nating samahan.
Binigay kanyang buhay
Pinag-aral sa pribadong paaralan
At satin inialay.
Ibinigay lahat ng pangangailangan
Ngunit isinukli'y isang kamalian
Na nagbigay lamat sa ating samahan.
Ulan ma’y pagpapala
Aking mga magulang, ako sa inyo'y humihingi ng tawad
Ating ikamamangha
Patawad sa kahihiyang akin sa inyong iginawad
Langit ay lumuluha.
Aking mga magulang ako'y sa inyo nagbibigay pasasalamat
Sa pag-aarugang sa akin ninyo inilapat.
November 2018 - April 2019
Hand-in-hand with God
by Johann Kim B. Masbate and John Audbrein M. Deopante
It is always a great cause of resounding joy for
her to make her student life as perfect as possible for she
an academic institution to produce a great student. Any
will pass that way only once.
achievement done by students is also an achievement
However, despite all these, she does not take the
for the educators. Now, one more alumna of NVAC has
credit. She would simply say, “Not I, but Christ”. Yes, all
obtained a great attainment for her Alma Mater. Wilma
her achievements, were not hers alone, but God’s gif for
Cleo Yvonne Borja Dapog, in 2019, passed the physician
her perseverance. For whatever achievement she has to-
licensure exam where she ranked top 10. Truly, there
day, there are those that have helped her become who
can be limitless possibilities with perseverance and faith
she is right now. She knew her family and friends were
in God.
always there for her and for that, she is thankful. She
She was born on July 15, 1992 to Dr. Wilfredo R.
had also expressed her gratitude to all educators who
Dapog and Mrs. Maria Amparo Cleopatra Dapog who
have led her along the way, yet, above all these, she gives
were both alumni of NVAC . She was also blessed to have
her utmost gratitude to God.
three siblings; Wilfred Clydejim B. Dapog, Wilmaureen
It’s very heartwarming to know, that the reason
Shiela B. Dapog, and Wilfredo B. Dapog II. It was clearly
she pursued medicine was to help those in need in the
evident that her parents believed in Adventist education
rural areas. She, herself, wants to do just that for her fu-
as all four of them siblings were sent to Adventist
ture goals. She mentioned that she is planning to do one
Institutions, from elementary to college.
or two years of service, and, afer that she
Being an alumna of NVAC, she
plans to continue her training in the field
had her fair share of experience of its
of medicine. Afer the training, she stated
environment. As is true for most students,
that her plan was to undergo fellowship
she felt apprehensive the day that her
program for subspecialty afer taking the
parents lef her all alone in the dormitory.
diplomate boards. Ten, afer all these,
She told that she had to take a bath at
she wishes to return to her hometown and
4:00 in the morning despite the coldness of the water
provide her services there.
to avoid lining up for the bathroom afer worship and
To all students with great aspirations, she has
how she walked the hallways towards the worship hall
something she wants to say to you, “To all aspiring stu-
for the daily devotional. Her memories of the teachers
dents, keep the faith! God knew you before you were
of NVAC was that if them being enthusiastic educators
born, and He has called you for a purpose! Challeng-
eager to teach the students.
es, difficulties and disappointments are part of the path
As she was asked as to what does she think of
God is leading us to, that we may be refined like gold,
NVAC, she replied in the words, “NVAC has been my
valuable in service and effective workers for His needy
home away from home not only during my academy
children. Call to Him first before opening Your books or
years but until now.” Who would have known, that the
review materials. Stand on the promises of God!”
girl that was seen procuring a curfew pass to go to the
Her attitude is exemplary, her faith outstanding.
library and read or do her assignments would be one of
She is a woman with a noble cause, with a fervent desire
the top percentile of intellectuals of our nation? One of
for learning. Her academic journey has went on with
her life mottos say,“Aim high and miss it, rather than
countless attainments but continued to be humble. She,
aim low and hit it.” Now, she has aimed high, she has hit
Wilma Cleo Yvonne Borja Dapog, now has once more
the goal. She strived to do her best as a student as she
gained a milestone in her life, hand-in-hand with God.
firmly remembered that NVAC constantly reminded
November 2018 - April 2019
From the EIC’s desk
“It was an honor and privilege”
your staff and their concerns.
part that I could do. “Remember
---as Miss Universe contestants
Remember that they are playing
that you will never reach a higher
would say, and I add that being an
a big part in the publication; but
standard than you yourself set...
editor-in-chief of The NagaViewer
there are some circumstances that
Press with determination in the
Academy for three terms has
you have to adjust assignments
right direction, and circumstances
made me someone more than what
and deadlines for them.
will be your helpers, not your
I could just be.
CONSULT your adviser and the
hindrances.” (COL 332)
I remember when our adviser
school personnel always. You
Being in the position was indeed a
told me that I came up to be the
can’t run the school paper on your
ladder that helped me reach things
one fitted to the position. I was
own. Be humble enough to take
that I thought I wouldn’t and I’m
not ecstatic; I was frightened
the punches of advice and learn to
grateful that it was ascertained by
instead. But the words of our
be all right with it. (3) COMMIT
the persons who helped me on my
adviser encouraged me,
“I will
to your work. Being an editor-in-
way: Mrs. Joan B. Fernandez, the
always be here to help you.” I was
chief is a blessing. You should be
adviser of this paper who always
then encouraged, not because I
productive. It must be unlike the
believed that I can; Mrs. Gina M.
can be dependent, but because I
man in the parable of talents who
Deopante, my no.
1 mentor; the
know that I could not do things
dug up and buried his talent in the
staff who supported me working
on my own especially in this field.
ground (Matt. 25:14-30).
on this from that time until this
Really, I could not have done this
I believe that God has always
very end. They are truly the
without the help of my fellow staff
something in store for us. Before,
ones I worked with in honor and
members, my advisers, and my
I always thought that I was not
good enough and there were
Continue writing for the school,
It was never an easy task. I must
always ones who were better.
for pen might be always mightier
act indignant yet be real patient
Now, I wouldn’t wonder how I did
than the sword; but someone
and industrious at the same time.
it. It’s not because God made me
should take courage to hold one.
Here are the three things I learned
better than anyone else, but simply
Mabuhay Naga Viewer!
in my work:
because He knew this was the
of music that it caused music itself to be born and
Symphonies: A
transformed in a rapid and unrelenting pace. In a
sense, music has become a great medium to express
Blessing or Harm
different opinions, mindsets and beliefs.
by Kulot
Music, as we can see in the Bible, has been a
A faculty member brought into mind the topic
part of worship, giving point to its effectiveness in
of music when I was seeking for things that already
implanting ideas and information to memory. Now
seems natural to most, but unacceptable to Adventist
with this understanding, we encounter an interesting
standards. Recounting events wherein the students
question, if one listens to music with a perverted
themselves, willingly, play secular music that
nature, would it not be so, that one would become
btings no benefit to one’s spirituality in any means
perverted too as the ideas there would be implanted
whatsoever, I can agree that it is indeed the case. To
to the individual’s mind?
be honest, if not for her, I would have deemed these
We must stay away from songs that can carry
occurrences natural and acceptable.
information that are unacceptable and will carry us
To youth of the modern age, I understand that
farther from God. Instead, one must make it a habit
songs of upbeat nature and catchy lyrics are very
to listen to or even sing songs that uplift us and give
enjoyable to listen to. The modern world has opened
us more understanding of God’s wonderful love and
up millions of avenues for those with the passion grace.
November 2018 - April 2019
by Deosyl A. Galdo
Many say that if you can’t get what you want, then want what you can get, but there’s a thing called patience.
The memory still lingers on my mind when my mother deprived me from buying a violin when I was in my sixth
grade. Her reason was I was just good at the start and then soon I would start to feel bored, and that I would just
leave those things behind just like the time I stopped playing the organ because for me it was no fun anymore.
Even though I swore that it would never happen, she still forbade me to buy. At first, I got depressed yet day by
day, I learned to accept it. One Sabbath day, an owner of a violin lent me hers for me to practice. At that time, I
could not contain my happiness. I was very glad! Indeed, if there is a will, there is a way.
The joy of playing the violin excites me to practice every morning and evening. And eventually the eagerness to
share and to teach with others grew. I remember what the song of David once said, “Delight yourself unto the Lord
and He will give you the desires of your heart.”
The efforts were seen and appreciated by both of my parents. I delighted myself to them that’s why they bought
me a cheap violin, somehow for security I guess, so that the money would not be put to waste later. But still, it is the
thought that counts.
And now, even though my first violin was already replaced with a new one, the lessons I’ve learned from it has
left a big mark on my heart that something that comes and lasts is from the prize of waiting.
Jasmine, she is the violin made out of patience.
A Lesson Back Then
by Jelome Gem L. Tuñacao
by Jherica Rachele R. Ga
During my childhood years, I was not mindful of
When I was just a little girl, my mother would not let
my parents forbidding me to do something I want. Ever
me touch the laundry even if I insisted to wash them myself.
since I was a child, I always look at the positive side when
She said that I was still a kid and I was not allowed to do
I was not allowed. Later, though it was difficult for me;
because if I wash them, they would still be dirty. I would
I just got used to it.
still insist and throw tantrums even if I understand what
It all started way back when I was a little kid. I
my mother was saying. Then later, my mother would scold
had an allergy on fish, egg, chicken, and other oily
me and even pinch me on my side which caused me to stomp
things. At first, I was mad at my parents because they
my feet and cry real hard. And now that I became the one
were prohibiting me to eat these delicious foods. There
who’s in-charge of washing clothes, I don’t like the thought
were times when I sneaked and ate a pinch of fried fish
of doing it anymore.
and I would turn it on its other side so that it won’t be
obvious that I took a part of it. Whenever I experienced
its consequences, I regretted a lot. I would say to myself
The Helicopter Experience
that I shouldn’t have done it. I realized that when we are
by Hannah Micah M. Pacheco
prohibited to do such things, it only means that it will
Back when I was a child, I was not used to be alone
have a bad effect on us.
because from the very beginning --- from being in my
I am happy and grateful that at an early age I
mother’s womb up until now, there were the two of us. Every
already learned the importance why my parents deprive
time we went to a mall, I always wanted to buy a set of
me of some things. The experience, the lesson, and the
Barbie doll with a big house. But my mother never granted
right attitude we gain from being deprived is important
it. My twin brother requested a remote control helicopter to
for us to be mature.
my father and he immediately bought it for two. I felt really
disappointed that time but I just let it go and said to myself
that someday I can buy one using my own money. I ended
up playing with my twin brother with the helicopter that my
father bought.
November 2018 - April 2019
Academic Achievement Award
s/y 2018-2019
Gold - for a student with a general average of 94% and above, no grade lower than
cademic Excellence Award is
85% in all subjects during the quarter
given to students who have
Silver - for a student with a general average of 90-93.99% and above, no grade
no disciplinary case for the current
lower than 85% in all the subjects during the quarter.
school year.
Bronze - for a student with a general average of 85-89.99% and above, no grade
lower than 85% in all subjects during the quarter.
Arizabal, Mark Jay T.**
Mendoza, Wendell Sam P.**
Cortez, Delia Joyce P.**
Bajo, Taz Maufeneil P.***
Olario, Marquis Janssen M.***
Garbida, Keziah Lynn O.***
Deopante Jr, Audrey Israel M.***
Santos, Marc Andre M.***
Hisoler, Shamelane E.***
Esteves, Jairus James B.***
Valenzuela, Xavier Kim D.***
Pacheco, Czanelle Micah M.**
Mapusao, Fricher Joy P.***
Buefano, Ellah Sharim D.**
Azupardo, Dwight Abeson Z.**
Batuhan, Allyssa Jade P. **
Obado, Princess M.***
Cosa, John Mark P.**
Corporal, Jeialy Fae R.**
Sanchez, Jashayne Rose A.***
Gonzales, Kurt Patrick G. ***
Cortez, Dace Nicole A. ***
Santias, Jewel Mae M.**
Magas, Jonht Majed A. **
Jumawan, Micaella Joy S.**
Tabat, Clarissa N.***
Villaflor, Dani Teo DT. **
Lualhati, Sarah Tamyrah P.***
Bajo, Leif Schervyn P.***
Sanchez, Rey Ivan A.***
Gatongay, Ricah Jane Alfred V.***
Cortez, Ace Jasper A.***
Valenzuela, Prime Joy D.***
Imperio, Kezia Eve T.***
Cortez, Reniel Josh R.***
Villa, Fredd Paulo M.***
Obado, Hemerlee Gem M.***
Llagas, Jadem Jason A.**
Asuro, Johanna Mae D.***
Sabanal, Jasmin C.**
Mediarito, Kenn Jester V.**
Biag, Gracielle M.**
Mondelo, Rodgene Paul M.***
Cortez, Geri Lou G.***
Burce, Alexis Denverwyn L.***
Tiosan, Jester Karl C.***
Duran, Sigrid Tracy **
Data, Brainnel U.**
Adante, Darlyn Love R.**
Nantes, Jayrell Jann Claire R.**
Deopante, John Audbrein M.***
Binnoc, Lyndelle Sharen A.***
Rivera, Kyla Shane A.***
Lauron, Rudan G.***
Cortez, Kathleen S.**
Mentok, Nelson C.***
Data, Dionne Nycole N.***
Lagos, Paul Justine L.***
Naag, Jester Joel N.***
Herez, Vaselyn A.**
Madera, Kevin Iris N.**
Nacario, Tristan Timothy Paolo D.**
Bolaño, Kate Ericka Mae B.***
Masbate, Johann Kim B.***
Romero, Yzy B.**
Celino, Glenzale C.***
Mediarito, Kyle Rufus V.**
Viscaya, Mandy O.**
Lopez, Beaufil C.**
Mendoza, Ian B.**
Amacio, Jemela Joy B.**
Sabanal, Jamin C.**
Bajo, Kendale Rovix P.**
Barotil, Janice F.**
Lazaro, Blessie T.**
Cortez, Renzel Bryle R.**
Boral, Mejanie Rose I.*
Mediarito, Kei Leslie V.***
Doropan, Nelbryan A.***
Cachila, Jewel Jade R.**
Ogmar, Elaine V.**
Guevarra, Clarence Jay A.**
Ceniza, Trixie Marianne P.***
Pacheco, Hannah Micah M.***
Maghirang, Manolito III L.***
Deopante, Audrey Jane M.***
Rectin, Erica Dianne R.***
Mari, Isaiah Frandell Sam G.**
Duran, Daff Jeszel R.***
Sabanal, Jade C.**
Moreno, Samuel M.**
Ga, Jherica Rachele R.**
Tanay, Jane Nicolle P.***
Rivera, Christian James O.***
Gascon, Jemima L.***
Tugay, Clandestine Joy E.**
Amacio, Janabelle B.***
Gonzales, Ivie Rose G.**
Tuñacao, Jelome Gem L.***
Gold ― *** Silver ― ** Bronze ― *
November 2018 - April 2019
Alumni corner
Licensure Examination for Teachers March 2019
Jacel Jane M. Jacob
Charleen Reoj Flydji A. Niebres
Alyssa Joy L. Burce
Emma V. Camacho
Ruigi Brofas
Batch 2013
Batch 2013
Batch 2013
Batch 2011
Batch 2013
Physical Therapy
Mechanical Engineering
Physician Licensure
Medical Technologist
Examination 2019
Licensure Examination 2019
Examination 2019
Examination 2019
Wilma Cleo Yvonne B. Dapog
Earll Justin N. Data
Leanne Pearl Gultiano
Chandy Beans M. Tarala
John Vincent B. Bacol
Batch 2008
Batch 2013
Batch 2014
Batch 2014
Batch 2013
Congratulations to Bread
Licensure Examination for
and Pastry NC II Passers
Teachers March 2018
batch 2016-2017 for
being the 4th placer
during the National
Achievement Test
for Grade 10!
Michael Chioco
John Israel M. Deopante
Batch 2011
Batch 2013
A Speaker
once said...
story by Paper Pen
art by ERF