Financial Information

Elementary starts at
P 1,646/Month
Jonior High School starts at
P 1,432/Month
Senior High School starts at
P 765/Month
College starts at
P 4,095/Month
All figures INCLUSIVE
of general fees

Depends whether the pupil is residing on or off campus.
Depends whether student is ESC recipient, boarding or non-boarding.
Depends whether student is recipient of Government voucher program, community discount, transferring from public or private schools and boarding or non-boarding.
Depends whether students is resident or off-campus, boarding or non-boarding. Amount is at 23 units for one semester.

Contact as:

Registrar - 09178667578
Treasurer - 09998802285


  1. Education Service Contracting(ESC) for incoming Grade 7 and may be availed until Grade 10

  2. Student Assistance Fund for Education (SAFE) Program - a loan that can be availed by junior or senior education students

  3. Academic Performance Scholarship. for first and second Most Outstanding students (Valedictorian or Salutatorian) from any public & private elementary school who will be given 100% and 50% discount, respectively, in excess of the tuition fee after subtractiong the ESC amount. Scholarship may be availed as long as they do not have a grade bellow 85% in any subject.

  4. NVAC Schoolarships. The top three Grade 7 entrance test-takers will receive sholarships from NVAC as follows: 1st placer - full tuition discounts, 2nd placer - 75% tuition discount, and 3rd placer - 50% tuition discount. Scholarship may be availed as long as they do not have a grade below 85% in any subject.

  5. Southern Luzon Mission Scholarship

  6. Literature Ministry Scholarship - for students who joined the summer canvassing programs

  7. Academic sholarship for College Students (Valedictorian 100%, Salutatorian 50%)

  8. Private/personal sponsorships.


    • Five percent on tuition and board upon payment in cash during registration

    • Free tuition for the fourth child (youngest for families with four or more students.

    • Cafeteria Discounts. For three students in the family, the youngest gets 50% discounts on board; for four students, the youngest gets 75% and for five students, the fifth gets 100% discount.


The school offers work opportunities for students who want to earn labor credits for their financial obligations to the school. The student may choose to work in the following departments: Farm, Ranch, Cafeteria, College Store, Grounds and Janitorial, Food Factory, Office, Dormitories, Library, Security, Laundry, maintenance, Construction, and other departments.