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NVAC is Powered with New LMS Platform

Naga View Adventist College (NVAC) starts the school year 2021-2022 with a new Learning Management System (LMS) platform, the Wela School System, that will arm the institution to effectively deliver quality education in an online world.

Powered by Wela School System, NVAC students and their parents can experience an end-to-end school system where they can view the grades, announcements, billing statements online through mobile apps. The system takes care of the manual processes, automates these processes to be organized and ultimately focuses on what is important: "delivering quality education."

No more long queues
The data gathered in the modules can be used in the succeeding school years and users can update students’ data accordingly.
  • No more mixed names and wrong assignment of sections.
  • Quick access to students’ information and students’ list.
  • Hassle free enrollment from registration to sectioning.
  • Lesser inclination to human error (e.g., misspelled names).
Mobile Application advantages
  • All-in-one monitoring tool for the parents.
  • Updates parents of upcoming events.
  • Shows a pop-up notification every time there is an announcement from school.
  • Users can know more about the school by scrolling down past events, achievements, and news.
  • Updates every time a student taps in the RFID station. (Students in-campus)
  • Views student's class standing.
  • Monitors homework given by the teacher.
Launching of the said LMS will be on July 26, 2021. Come, enroll and experience with us the convenience of acquiring quality Christian education through our new online learning system.
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